inc. is the content division of Groundglass. We are a collective of creatives & filmmakers who produce

branded content, music videos, documentaries, brand films, web series, TV commercials and more. 

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and can offer a roster of local and international

directorswith various talents and levels of expertise, as well as service work shooting in South Africa.

We work within a well-resourced production infrastructure with the backup & expertise of an

established production company at hand. We handle projects of any size, budget and nature.


If you'd like to discuss a project with us, just drop us a line or give us a call.


Janette de Villiers | Founder & Executive Producer

With Janette's unsurpassable enthusiasm and passion for all things creative, 

there could no better a trailblazer at the helm of this inspired hub. 


Debra Stubbs | Head of Production & Partner

Debs' exceptional attention to detail, her calm demeanour and excellent communication skills

make her a whizz at finding solutions to the impossible and making your money go further. 


Lisa Du Toit | Producer

Lisa's outstanding work ethic, calm and caring approach to all aspects of production and her

great sense of humour make her productions loads of fun and hassle free.


Meike Varga | Producer

Hailing from Germany, Meike brings vast experience from working in both

advertising agencies and production companies. Focused, fast, super-efficient and with

a wicked sense of humour, you couldn't be in better hands.